About Us

The famous storm on May 31, 1998 “derecho” is where the vision of A & D Outdoor Service began.  I remember that if you had a pickup truck, trailer, and chain saw, you were off to help people dig out of the mess while prospering at the same time.  Although it wasn’t until six years later when A & D Outdoor Service came to life.

It is often mistaken that A & D represents two different people.  A & D stands for Affordable & Dependable.  These are the two primary pillars of conduct which we strive on a daily basis to protect for our customers.  Although these are the two primary pillars, safety, must never be sacrificed in order to offer an Affordable & Dependable service.

“Knowing that your first impression is just as important as ours”, is our company slogan.  We carry this to each and every job we service.  When it comes down to it, every lawn care, tree service, and snow plow company share in common many of the same pieces of equipment.  The big question is what sets us apart from the competition.  Our mission statement will help lead us to the answer: To deliver a wide variety of outdoor services in the highest quality and personal manner in regard to customer and self satisfaction.  You will be treated in a personal yet professional manner.  Yes, we like to smile and share a laugh with our customers.  Attention to detail is something we don’t take lightly.  We realize that you share specific details of how you would like something handled for a reason.  You will also get use to seeing the same face or faces on your property.  We have a very small turn over rate which keeps you with the same individual or individuals if you have routine services performed.

We gladly invite you to verify us with the   cbbb-logo   which we have been accredited with since August of 2009.

Thank you for spending the time to learn a little about us.