Grand Rapids Tree Services

Professional tree services aren’t just safer than going the do-it-yourself route, but they can help your trees stay healthier and more beautiful too. A&D Outdoor Service offers a wide variety of tree services in Grand Rapids, MI, including tree trimming, tree removal, lawn maintenance and more.

Tree Trimming in Grand Rapids

Tree trimming and pruning provide several benefits beyond removing storm-damaged limbs or branches that are too close to power lines. Professional tree pruning also helps make room for new growth, removes diseased branches, helps create a more aesthetically pleasing shape, and removes limbs that obstruct the view or hinder grass growth.

Other tree trimming related services we offer include stump grinding to remove unsightly tree stumps that mar the beauty of your lawn and may even host parasites that can be harmful to your lawn, plants and even your home!

Tree Removal in Grand Rapids

There are several ways you can tell if a tree is dead and may pose a danger to your home and property: The tree may be leaning more than before; have mushrooms and other fungi growing on the trunk; have obvious rotting of the trunk; or be more than 50% dead at the top.

Any of these conditions are a clear sign that you need to call a professional tree removal service such as A&D Outdoor Service immediately to safely remove that dead tree — before it breaks off and possibly causing injury to someone or something.

For any of our many tree services and other services in Grand Rapids, call us at 616-893-6138 or contact us for a free quote today!