Snow Plowing

Snow and Ice Management

Winter weather in West Michigan can certainly be unpredictable. Fortunately, our team is dedicated to monitoring the weather and ensuring that our clients’ sites are clear and as safe as possible for each new business day. We offer seasonal, per time, as well as all-inclusive pricing so that we can best meet our clients’ needs.


Parking Lot Plowing

Maintaining a clear parking lot for your customers and staff is essential for your business.  That is why for each snow event we have as many as five trucks and sidewalk crew out working to clear the snow as quickly as possible.  Our snowplowing routes are limited to no more than 6 hours each for our business patrons so that weather permitting, all routes can be completed by 7:00am.  A & D Outdoor Service also maintains a blizzard contingency of additional equipment ready when the weather is at its worst.

Parking Lot Salting

Since even a parking lot clear of snow can still be hazardous, we also offer parking lot salting services to provide that extra measure of safety for your property. By subscribing to our snow and ice service, you are provided with documentation of ice control efforts, which in turn helps to minimize liability concerns.  Though businesses are looking to cut expenses during these tight times, the last thing needed is a lawsuit.

If a threat for freezing temperatures and slippery conditions occurs, we have units out checking conditions throughout the day or night.  In the midst of a snow or ice event we have a fleet of as many as 3 units out spreading salt to minimize the risk of ice build up and related slip and falls.  We continually strive for efficiency and accuracy in our applications, so all of our machines are specially calibrated to allow our drivers to salt smartly. While it is important to apply enough salt to effectively melt ice build up, applying too much salt can have a negative impact on the surrounding landscape.

Sidewalk Clearing

Many of our clients who receive parking lot plowing services receive sidewalk clearing services as well. Our crews use various methods from traditional shovels to motorized ATV and RTV units with plows to clear sidewalks and walkways.  Our crews work in conjunction with our plowing staff to ensure each property is effectively cleared of accumulating snow.

Sidewalk Deicer

We recommend that our sidewalk clearing crews also apply a deicing agent to the sidewalks to minimize the risk of ice build up and related slip and falls.  This service can be performed after each shoveling occurrence or at our crew’s discretion.